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Tour to Zakopane


Zakopane is colled The Winter Capital of Poland.

Zakopane - Ski-Jump in winter
Zakopane – Ski-Jump in winter

It is a beautiful city, located in southern Poland in Podkarpackie voivodeship and it’s about 100 kilometres from Krakow and 180 kilometres from Katowice. The Ride from Krakow to Zakopane last about 1,5 hours, and from Katowice about 3 hours. Zakopane is the largest city in the Polish mountains.

Tipical ensambles for Polish miountain people
Typical ensembles for Polish mountain people
Traditional wearing musicians playing folk music
Traditional wearing musicians playing folk music

This is a very popular among Polish people but also among international tourist, who came here to skiing and trekking, but also to admire a beautiful, unique landscapes and breath crystal air. The tourist can hear here a local traditional music, which is typical for this area of Poland. The musicians usually are wearing a regional ensembles- this is worth to see – girl’s multicolours straitjacket and boy’s typical hats. More over, the tourist walking down the Krupowki street have opportunity, to buy some part of a traditional costume as a souvenirs like a hat of a highlander.

Souvenirs on Krupowki street
Krupowki street in the summer
Krupowki street in the summer



Krupowki street
Krupowki street

Krupowki street is the most crowded street in whole Zakopane and the most coloured street, because of booth with souvenirs situated along the Krupówki street. There are also small lovely booths with a delicious traditional cuisine, I mean a sheep cheese with a cranberry. There are also a hackney carriages waiting for tourists, who are willing to take a ride around the Zakopane. There are a lot of lovely, climatic restaurant, pubs and the others places, where the tourists can eat something typical for this area and listening a live folk music.

Beautiful landscape of Polish Mountains
Beautiful landscape of Polish Mountains

The most interesting and beautiful in Zakopane are incredible view of Tatras mountains – The tourist can admire unique views of monumental mountain pre-eminent above the town.

The tourist come to this area of Poland to explore some places like:

  • Gublowka
  • Kasprowy Wierch
  • The Great Krokiew – Ski-Jump in Zakopane
  • Chocholow

Atractions of Zakopane Tour



Gubałówka is the mountain above the Zakopane town, which is one of the most popular attraction in this area, because of it’s beautiful views of the Tatras and Zakopane.
Zakopane- Gubałówka
Zakopane- Gubałówka



 Kasprowy Wierch

Kasprowy Wierch is the mountain in the western Tatras, and it is renowned as a one of the best ski area in Poland. There is a border between Slovak Republic and Poland and the tourist can cross the border in here without any problems, because both of this countries are in the  Schengen zone. Everyone, who are going to take a tour to Zakopane can’t forget, about this place to visit.

Route lead off Kasprowy Wierch




The Great Krokiew –  – Ski-Jump in Zakopane

The Great Krokiew is the ski jumping venue sited in Zakopane. Due to success of Polish ski -jumper Adam Małysz in The World Cup Ski Jumping, this places is very popular among tourists who are coming to Zakopane.

The Great Krokiew in Zakopane
The Great Krokiew in Zakopane





Chocholow is a small village located 17 kilometres from Zakopane. Because of it’s architectures of houses it is very special place. There are almost exclusively of the wooden houses, (in Polish: Goralskie chaty) – whichis the part of The Polish heritage. The village is known, because of Chocholow Uprising of 1846. It is obligatory place to visit during Zakopane Tour.

Chochołów-wooden houses alongside the main street
Chocholow-wooden houses alongside the main street


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Private Transfer
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